English Shepherds

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Hannah and Jake

English Shepherds are descendants of the Shepherds' dogs of Scotland and Northern England. English Shepherds have been bred for generations as all-purpose, working farm dogs. Their responsibilities have ranged from herding and protecting stock, to dispatching vermin, guarding the home, and watching over children. The unique ability to handle all types of livestock and a variety of tasks is the defining feature of this breed.  They are highly intelligent, spirited, and devoted making wonderful companions and working partners.

Jake of Hunters Trail (click for more photos)


So, little bit about Hannah...  The first word that come to mind is sweet.  She loves our daughter (sleeps on her bed most nights) and loves to cuddle (with us, our other dogs, and our cats).  She has a great personality.  She is an excellent watchdog, letting us know when anyone comes to visit.  She is always within site of her cattle.  She loves our cats but chases away any strays that show up for a free meal.  She has no bad habits other than getting in the trash once in a while if we leave her home.  She loves to please us - she is always attentive and wants to "help."  We do a fair amount of camping with our horses.  Hannah loves to go camping and really loves trail rides.  She is truly a gentle, well behaved sweetheart.

We decided to keep a puppy from Hannah and Jake's first litter, and Cowgirl was chosen by our daughter.  Cowgirl is definitely more of a farm dog.  She keeps our free range chickens from wandering too far, loves to play with our Belted Galloway calves, and chases the coyotes away.  She has lots of energy and is very athletic.  She is a great watchdog, but loves when our friends come to visit.  Besides farm responsibilities, Cowgirl loves riding along in the car, trail rides, camping with our horses, and jogging/walking with Ardith.

Hannah, Cowgirl, and our Belted Galloway

Chesney (Cowgirl's Sister) Visiting Our Farm

Waiting For Directions

Cowgirl As A Puppy (left)

Hannah watching over her cattle


Hannah as a puppy

Hannah's Dam, Carney's Sweet Emily

Hannah's Sire, Sampson's Cowboy